Every church has a story. Our story, spanning over a century, is for us a very rich heritage that we are proud of. First Christian has been a valuable community partner in Christopher and has been at the center of Christian life through the years. We feel blessed that so many in our community have considered us their “home church” through the years. We are thankful God has chosen to use our church family to be an encouragement to others. While we understand that all churches have a “story,” we also believe that every person has a “story,” too. Click any of the links below to “dive in” to our story and discover how we may be a blessing to you,
How does God feel about “broken people?” Is there room for everyone, regardless of their past, to be a part of First Christian?
Does it really matter what a person believes? It is our conviction that it does matter because we desire faith in Christ, and in a knowledge of His Word.
What is the “scoop” behind restoration? Where does a Christian go to figure it out?